Saturday, April 15, 2017

Coach Spring 2017 // Swagger 21

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Description of Photo

Description of Photo
Swagger 21 in Dark Gunmetal/Fatigue (here) c/o Coach

Hands up if you remember the era of the Coach wristlets? A time when colourful keychains and patterned coin purses were envied. Fast forward almost a decade, we like more minimalistic neutrals and edgy silhouettes. For me, this was a huge turning point in my style diaries. You won't catch me in those vibrant colours and loud patterns very often anymore. With that, I'm quite pleasantly surprised to see Coach switching up their palettes and going with a more contemporary aesthetic. 

I've partnered with Coach to show you their classic Swagger 21 bag done up for Spring 2017. This khaki green-brown matched with gunmetal studs is about as colourful as I'll ever get, and I actually really enjoy the contrast it adds to my outfits! No surprise, the hardware is actually my favourite part of the bag. 

Will you step into spring with a little swagger this season? 

(products in this post were generously provided for review)

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