Saturday, September 10, 2016

City 16 / AEIO:U

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Not your average jeans and tee kinda girl.

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Tee: c/o AEIO:U (here) | Skirt: H&M | Heels: Fergie

You know when you meet someone and you just... I don't know... click? There's definitely a problem when this happens more often with clothing lines rather than actual people. Anyway, when I first saw AEIO:U’s feed, I was really vibing with their style. Call me that silent Instagram creeper. Call me that sucker for screen-printed graphic tees. Call me anything you want, but I just couldn't resist. Minimalism mixed with streetstyle and finished off with a dash of Asian influence -- this is AEIO:U in a nutshell. 

I could've slapped on some jeans and Chucks and called it a day. I didn't though, because what's the fun (and originality) in that? To me, having true style is being able to reinvent the classics with your own personal spin. Otherwise, there really is no appeal in getting dressed in the morning. Put in a little more effort and take a look at what a difference it makes in your confidence. "It's whatever" people don't sit well with me.

I was beyond excited to style the City 16 tee featuring both front and back logos and an ungendered fit. Paired with a contemporary mini skirt and some booties, this is already one of my top athleisure looks for pre-fall.

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PC: Brandon Barcena

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