Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Toronto Fashion Week 2016: Mackage Inspired Nail Art

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Essie | Licorice, Blanc
Nicole by OPI | Matte Topcoat

Images c/o Essie Canada

What a whirlwind these past four months have been. It's been too long since I logged onto nailsandthreads.com and boy, do I miss it. Starting professional school has been, well, absolutely nuts, so please forgive me for the major hiatus. I'm just a few weeks away from completely my first term of pharmacy school -- just six back-to-back finals to go and maybe a few meltdowns along the way (woo!). 

With all this new adjustment, I'm trying my best to keep my nails on fleek, but it's proving to be much harder than I had hoped. This was the first nail art design that I attempted in four long, boring, single-colour coated months. I got the inspiration from Essie's BTS with Mackage for their Toronto Fashion Week show. I loved the simplicity and edginess of the design and thought it would be pretty simple to do myself.

To achieve this look, start off with a white base and apply a layer of matte topcoat. Once completely dry and mattified, use a fine tipped detailing brush dipped in opaque black polish to make a small curved line at the cuticle. Using the same brush, create a triangle in the middle of the cuticle and fill it in. Finish off with a quick-dry topcoat and you're done! 

I have some swatches of OPI's spring collections to share so stay tuned for those! In the meantime, I've been more active on Instagram lately so be sure to check it out @nailsandthreads

Thanks as always for sticking around!

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