Thursday, October 15, 2015

Refresh Botanicals Skincare Review

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Relieve, Restore, Revitalize with Refresh Botanicals

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As with the changing seasons, so too does the moisture-content of my skin. Most of the time, I have combination-oily skin. This is especially the case during the summer months where I can't go 5 minutes without blotting my face and reapplying pressed powder. However, the harsh winters and dry air in Alberta can turn my usually oily skin to a dry and flakey mess in an instant. I'm always on the lookout for skincare products that will moisturize my skin without leaving it greasy. 

I was intrigued by the products that Refresh Botanicals had to offer because they seemed so natural and clean. I'll admit, I'm a huge sucker for gimmick-y packaging, fragrance and textures, but this line seemed to be the much-needed treat my skin needed.

Refresh Botanicals claims its products do not contain gluten, animal by-products, artificial fragrances, paragons, or petroleum by-products -- making it the ultimate organic choice for your skin. I was given the opportunity to review the Everyday Care Line consisting of their facial moisturizer, cleanser, toner and eye + makeup remover. After testing these out for the past few weeks, here is the verdict.

Daily Facial Moisturizer | Refresh Botanicals claims that this moisturizer will hydrate without an oily appearance... and they were right. This moisturizer does leave the skin feeling nourished without leaving it greasy and oily. I was also impressed with the smooth consistency of this cream.

Foaming Facial Cleanser | This cleanser is supposed to cleanse without dehydrating, which once again, they weren't lying. I really did enjoy the neutrality of this cleanser. It reminded me of Cetaphil in both consistency and effect. I liked how it did not leave me feeling dry and tight afterwards.

Facial Toner | Although this toner did not leave me feeling dry after use, which is a great feature in my books... I couldn't get over the smell. It definitely was not the most pleasant fragrance. I mean, the whole line doesn't smell wonderful in my opinion, but this one was pretty bad.

Eye + Face Makeup Remover | I wear a lot of heavy waterproof liner and mascara, so I wanted to put this remover to the test. It did take a bit of scrubbing to get it all off, so I would highly recommend this remover for girls who do not wear waterproof everyday or have sensitive skin. I do not fit in either of those categories so I'll still be reaching for an oil-based makeup remover.

Overall, I was a fan of the moisturizer and cleanser, which both proved to give what they claimed. On the other hand, the toner and makeup remover are two products that did not work for me. As well, the lack of artificial fragrance was a plus for keeping things as natural as possible, but the smell of fresh cucumbers was not something I particularly enjoyed. Right now, you can purchase each of the products in this line for $15.20 (20% off original retail price) at

The products in this post were generously sent for review.

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