Monday, October 27, 2014

White Marble Nail Art

Description of Photo

Description of Photo
Sally Hansen | White On, Black Out

I can't get enough of marble print! I've been seeing it everywhere from phone cases to laptop skins to clothing. I decided to give it a try on my nails because I think marble print is starting to make a big statement and I thought it would be a very fashion-forward, unique design to try. 

This was my first time using the "watercolour" method with acetone and polish. First, I painted a base of opaque white with one coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying process. This additional clear layer prevents the acetone from soaking through the white base too quickly and leaving bald patches. I then applied spots of black polish randomly on the nail and took a nail art brush dipped in nail polish remover to dab over the black. Depending on how much black polish you apply, you may need to go back with more acetone to fade out the lines. I wanted white to be the dominant colour in this manicure and therefore applied the black polish very sparingly. However, this is just personal preference and I think this design would also look amazing with a black base and white crevices. 

I also tried doing a marbling effect with plastic wrap, but found that it turned the base muddy and grey instead of a distinct marble pattern. I haven't had much luck with the plastic wrap technique, but practice does make perfect so I'll be testing that method with some future designs. 

I decided to seal in my designs with Seche Vite for a shiny finish, but this would probably look even more realistic with matte topcoat. Overall, I'm very happy with the design and how easy it was to create. 

Happy Monday loves!

P.S. Does anyone know where to get affordable marble phone cases? 


  1. Seriously, I have been looking for a simple tutorial for this! This one is perfect, thank you so much!


    1. Thanks for reading doll! I'm glad you found it useful!