Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil - Swatches & Review

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Hey guys! In all my years of following the nail industry, not a lot of companies have come up with true chrome finishes. When I first saw these Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes in stores, I was intrigued and wondered if they were truly chrome. I remember Sally Hansen used to have a chrome line years ago, but they were soon discontinued. Now that we're back on the chrome trend, I decided to give the Color Foil line a go!

Earlier this year, OPI came out with Push and Shove, a chrome silver that was very popular with the nail community. I really enjoyed that one and thought it lived up to its expectations. I hoped that they would release a gold version of Push and Shove, but there hasn't been any news of that yet.

That is why I chose to try this Color Foil polish in the shade Liquid Gold. I wanted to see if it resembled Push and Shove in terms of texture and finish. I think Sally Hansen did a great job with their chrome finish because it looks smooth and shiny, not grainy like most metallics. Streaking was minimal and the formulation was nice. The one thing about all chrome polishes is that any imperfections on your nails are bound to be seen. You can see that the ridges on my nails and the unevenness of my pointer finger are magnified by this polish. 

Description of Photo

Description of Photo

Chrome polishes are meant to be worn without base or topcoat to maximize shine. However, I found that the polish chipped within the same day of application. I spend a lot of time typing on the computer at work and found that the tips of my nails were showing through by the end of my shift. I guess the payoff to wearing chrome polish is that it isn't meant to last very long. 

 - True chrome finish
 - Great colour selection
 - Fast dry time and good formulation
 - Minimal streaking

 - Not long-lasting
 - Topcoat dulls finish

All in all, I think Sally Hansen did a great job with this line and I've got my eye on a couple of the other shades. Have you guys tried any Color Foil polishes? 

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